"You gotta tear it down-you gotta tear it all down-to make it beautiful." Home Depot Jingle I love love love HGTV. I could watch that station for hours. I sometimes do. There's something that just never gets old to me about House Hunters, My First Place, Sarah's House, The Property Brothers etc. (Don't even get me started on Design Star-I mean who even needs American Idol?) It's like the TV version of comfort food for me. In fact my entire labor (8 hours) I sat in the hospital and watched what else? HGTV! So you get the picture-I've spent a considerable amount of time watching this station. You know what's always hard to watch? Any show about renovations. A big reason is because of the stress it causes the couples that have to endure it. But the biggest reason is the complications. Oh I've seen it all. They start to rip down a wall that turns out to be a load bearing one. They rip up tiles and mold magically appears. They go to replace a small plumbing part and end up having to replace everything. And oh....oh.....the unfortunate woes of foundation problems. On & on it goes. Has your life ever felt like that? You are going through something that you thought was a small issue and before you know it your whole life seems to be falling apart right before your eyes. What looked like an easily repairable crack has turned into a home jacked up on piers! And once you catch your breath you are probably thinking "how did I ever get here and when is this going to end?". I know I've felt that way before. But it's like a Home Depot commercial jingle I heard recently "you've got to tear it down-you've gotta tear it all down-to make it beautiful." God hasn't left you mid renovation. And He's not surprised when there's mold under the tiles. In fact He's the God of the nitty gritty and loves to invade every area of our lives. Why? Because He loves us enough to know that sometimes things need to be torn apart before we can see beautiful things emerge. Back to HGTV. It's the moment we all wait for-the reveal. The moment the homeowners get to see their new beautiful home. They flash the pictures of what was and show you what's its become-sometimes unrecognizable but always a better version of what it was. You never hear them say "it wasn't worth it." In fact, thru tears, they always say they would do it all over again to reach this end result. So if your life feels like its being ripped to shreds, torn apart, and unforeseen bad news around every corner-be encouraged. God is with you-He never left you-and He will turn it all around-to make it even more beautiful than you could ever imagine.