Remembering-May 20th

A year ago today tornados a few miles from our a home, utterly decimated the city of Moore just North of us. That day was a frightening day as we all hunkered down with friends and family in our cellar. At that time almost no one knew that Joel and I were facing another huge storm of our own. The news the cancer was back, yet again, chemo was no longer working and surgery was our only option. We spent that very week feeling like the storms raging in our hearts were every bit as powerful as those raging outside our home.

And yet, in the midst of the storm, hope was abounding-even then. I see it so clearly as I look back on my own words. God was preparing us all as we clung to Him with all we had. And He's with us all the more, as we still do.

I felt there was no better way to remember then to look back on that post once again.

To those who lost loved ones a year ago today, you are so deeply carried in my heart. My prayers are with you.

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May 20th, we will never forget.