Just wanted to give a brief blog update on what we have been up to. Joel is recovering really well. He is up & moving around feeling really good. He is almost completely off of the pain medicine. When you look at him you wouldn't even think that he just had a massive surgery less than 3 weeks ago. He still gets really tired & has to sleep several times throughout the day. They tell us that it will be awhile before his energy  level gets back to normal. I went back to work the following Monday after Joel was discharged. It is a week later & I am still trying to catch up from the lack of sleep that we got that week! In some ways it is good to be back in a "normal" routine. But Joel & I use to drive to work every day together. His absence is still so strong each & every day. That has been the tough part. While I am at work we have had family staying with him. That helps to put my mind at ease.

Tomorrow we go see our Urologist to get Joel's 46 staples removed! He is excited about this because the staples have made it very uncomfortable for him to do different things. When we were in the hospital I remember when I walked in & saw him in recovery. He had tubes & needles stuck in just about every part of his body it seemed. Every day that we were in the hospital I would get so excited as each tube & needle was removed because it was a sign of progress. The day that we went home & they took out that last IV was such an incredible feeling. Now here we are at home & these staples are the last remaining "foreign" object that he has from the operation. It will be wonderful when they are gone as well. Only the scar remains-but we are fine with that one :)

Tomorrow when we see the Urologist he is going to tell us the date of the appointment with the Oncologist. In layman's terms he is the "cancer doctor". He is the one that will look over our case & tell us for sure what we are looking at as far as chemo. When we first heard the word "chemo" we were heart broken that Joel would have to endure it. Now, a few days later, we are still sad about it but resigned to the fact that whatever is necessary to get him well-we will do. We will let you know when we know more details on what treatments are next.

We thank you so much for your prayers for us. They are making a difference. Joel has had such an amazing recovery & we know it is because of the constant prayers from all of you. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. This next step of chemo is one that will be very trying for us both. More details will be posted soon.