[googlemaps,-19.6875&spn=122.107309,225&z=2&output=embed&w=640&h=480] The exhaustion of the recent events really hit both of us today. We have been going & going the past 2 weeks. And today we both just woke up feeling really tired & drained. We need to re-charge our batteries quickly so we can get ready for the biggest test ahead of us so far-the surgery. I have never had something in my life that I look forward to with equal parts of anticipation & dread at the same time. The anticipation part is just getting the cancer out of Joel's body & finally being able to move forward to what's next for us. The dread is just thinking about the day of the surgery & how long & hard it will be. That day will be one of the hardest ones of our life no doubt. But I truly believe that day will be one that we will look back on-many healthy years down the line-& say Man God did a miracle in our lives that day.

I wanted to pass along a link to you all. This website has a page on it that was really incredible to me. It is a cancer resource page. It tells you-if you have cancer-how to move forward. It also has tips for the caretaker of someone with cancer & also if you are the friend of someone who has cancer & you want to know how you can be helpful to them. Everything that they listed has really resonated with us just in our brief experience that we have had so far with this illness. I love their message of Choose Hope. Because that is the choice that Joel & I are making. Choosing hope-& choosing to believe in the God that can do ALL THINGS. Here is the link:

We still need your help to meet our 50-state prayer challenge. When we first started we only had 20 states & were in need of 30. Now, thanks to you, we have 34 states & are in need of just 16. And this all happened in just 48 hours! It is amazing the power of networking & how you can use it in a way to make a difference in someones life. We look at our map-which now also includes 8 other countries, besides the US, & are just totally humbled & completely blown away. We can do it with your help! It would mean the world to us to accomplish our goal. Thank you so much!

States that we still need: Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, & Wyoming

And lastly-below I am modeling a shirt that expresses our opinion of cancer-ha ha :)

(If you want a shirt of your own you can purchase it on the Choose Hope site. A portion of the proceeds go to support cancer research.)

Love you guys,