Quick Update

Hey Guys,  

MD Anderson finally called us back late Friday night. They told us that Joel should not be reacting to this new chemo the way that he is. The plan now is to have our doctor's at OU send over to MD the exact way that they are administering Joel's chemo. MD thinks they might not be executing the orders correctly. If they are doing everything correctly, which we believe that they are, they will look at changing his orders in some way. We are really wanting something to get changed. There's no way we can do another cycle of chemo with Joel being this sick. This has been, hands down, his worst week of chemo as well as one of our worst weeks throughout this entire journey. We need the doctor's to figure out something that will give Joel some relief. It is difficult to have so many things out of our hands but we trust that our doctor's will come up with something that will work for us. Thanks for your prayers. Last week was really hard.

I have an appointment on Wednesday with our CPA. He is working on getting the ball rolling & starting to file paperwork for our non-profit organization. It is WAY more of an extensive process than we imagined it would be but we know the results will be worth it. We are excited that we are taking step one in the process!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Talk to you later this week.