Baby Steps

Today is day 3 which is normally the hump day in recovery after surgery. This is the time where your pain really starts to increase a lot but if you can work through the pain normally day 4 is a better day. A few updates on Joel's progress:

-He FINALLY  urinated on his own. This was huge. They took out his catheter after he got out of ICU but then he was not able to urinate on his own. So they had to catheter him every 6 hours which was extremely painful for him. It has been the #1 focus of our world in the past 24 hours to get him to be able to urinate on his own. When he finally did it was a big moment. Next focus-bowel movements.

-Still no food or liquids for at least another 24 hours

-We have gotten him up out bed a few times & we have very slowly walked up & down the halls. The more we can do this the better.

-We are slowly trying to get him off of the morphine. The morphine diminishes the pain but it has lots of other side affects on the body. He is now taking Lortab by mouth & we are hoping that in the next day he will be totally off of morphine.

-We will not have total pathology reports for another week or so. That is when we will know exactly what type of tumor it was etc.

-He still hasn't really been up for visitors because there's a lot of pain but we are hoping in the next day or so.

Man I thought my husband was a tough cookie before but he is blowing me away with his strength & determination.

We appreciate your prayers during this time of recovery. It is definitely a different part of our journey but still a difficult one.

Still working on my big blog about surgery day. More to come in the next few days.