Last week I was sitting at my desk and the mail guy came into my office to drop something off. I had seen this guy around but never been properly introduced. Normally he's in and out sometimes stopping to say good afternoon or the like. Today was different though. He dropped something off in my bin and stood there for a moment. He pointed to the picture sitting on my desk-the one of Joel and I. "I didn't realize that you were married to him" he said.

He continued that he knew that Joel and I both work there. He used to drop mail off in Joel's office as well. When he realized that he hadn't seen Joel in a few weeks he asked his boss what was going on. She told him that Joel was fighting cancer. He looked at me with the most sincere look and told me that he had been praying for us constantly over the past year. I was dumbstruck. This is a mail guy who's name I didn't even know and he didn't know me. But he knew our story and that was enough to take the time every evening to mention us in his prayers.

A week later Joel was at a work function where he met a gentleman that works for our company out in a field office. When Joel introduced himself the guy did a double take. Joel Rodriguez? Yes, he replied.

"I have been praying for you every night. I have a list of people that I asked to pray for you. It makes me so happy to see you here and see you well and see that you've beat cancer."

Joel came home and told me that story. I told him that I don't think we will ever truly know how many people have been covering us in prayer this last year. All that we do know is how very humbling it is. It has made me a different person and it has certainly made me pray in a new way. When I tell someone that I will pray for them I mean it. And I will pray for them with as much consistency and fervency as I would want someone to be praying for me. I say a special prayer, every single night, for people whom I know who have cancer. The list was small at first but has now grown to 17. Every night I ask God to heal the cancer victim and I pray for strength for their partner to get through the dark days ahead. I could come home tired out of my mind but I will stay pray the same prayer every night. Larry, Linda, Jim, Linda, Scott, Christy, CR, Melissa, Sean, Allison, Steve, Coral, Eddie, Aubrey, Lisa, Yolanda and Janice.-God heal them, I pray. I have seen the power of prayer and mostly I just know how much it has meant to us to know that others prayers were with us. It changed our lives forever.

This Friday is Joel's first CT in awhile. Since he has moved from CT scans every 6 weeks to every 3 months we have found ourselves easing back into a normality in life. These scans pull us back into the world of cancer once again. It is a world that I hate but that is forever a part of us now. These scans never get any easier and there is always some fear leading into them. But we trust in God's continued care over our life and we know that He's in control. Everything else we just have to let go of. Easier said then done I know. If you think about it please say a prayer for us. You know how much it'd mean to me that's for sure. We will probably have test results on Monday. I will let you know once we know.

Thank you for your continued support and always for your prayers.