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When my husband was in the hospital he told me about a dream he had where He felt like the Lord was showing him that his life was going to be on a stage. He saw himself standing behind a podium telling people about "how good God's been to me and how good He can be to them too."  Little did I know he wasn't the only one having that same dream. Friend after friend came to me about a vivid dream they were having about Joel and his life being on a stage. None of them knew each other and none of them knew Joel was having this very same dream. 

My husband, and our family's life, has been put on a stage in a much different way than I thought it would be, but also on a far greater scale than I thought I would see. 

Yesterday People Magazine published an article on our family. I'm still blown away as I write that sentence. What an honor to be featured by the largest magazine in the United States. 

They spoke beautifully about my husbands story, our daughters incredible story, and the way we are honoring him on Thursday with the Choose Joy Project. There were some small details that were incorrect (Joel has been gone for 2 years not 3 and we were engaged after 6 months of dating-not married) but the core of the article was a true representation of our story and who we are as a family. 

There is one part of our story I want to acknowledge and that's obviously that all parts of it don't appear to have a "happy ending". My husband is not here and that is a reality we weep for and deal with every day of our lives. 

But here's a fact: we are all going to die and each day we get closer to doing so. What I love about my faith is the belief that this life is not the end. I hold deeply to that conviction. In fact, I believe when this life ends my life truly begins. I also believe I will see my husband again. That truth is, what I mean when I say that my husband received a "victory", it is a victory, just not in the way we wanted it. At the end of the day, he is where I want to be and where I will be. His life and his story have made an impact far beyond what he could've ever hoped or dreamed. That's the "happy ending." My daughter is not the only one who received a miracle-he did too. 


We will have it for eternity one day and we are seeing glimpses of it now. I'm constantly amazed at where we are and curious for where this journey will take us. 

For now I'm just so proud of my little family. 

And I'm proud of my husband. 

And I love getting to see his life used mightily on that stage, that he always knew he'd have. 

I hope you enjoy the feature. As of now the People article is only available online. To read the article click HERE

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