Hello Everyone, Hope you all are having a great weekend. Here in Oklahoma summer is on in full affect. That means temps in the 90's this week with one day in the 100's. Yowza! Joel had chemo Tuesday-Friday this week and he will have one more day of this cycle on Monday. Then-2 weeks from this Monday he has his VERY LAST chemo cycle. We can't even believe it. We were talking to one of our nurses this week and she was just shaking her head saying "it's going to be so weird without you guys here!" It will be weird for us to. I remember at the beginning when we hated hospitals and anything associated with them. Somewhere along the way everything changed and hospitals became like home to us. We feel very comfortable there and everything feels very familiar-especially our nurses. We will miss them for sure. In a few weeks the entire OU cancer center will be moving to a brand new huge building across the street. The chemo ward that we have used will be history and in its place will be an even bigger, more spectacular chemo ward with all of the bells and whistles. We are so proud of OU Medical cancer center and the work that they do with patients. We are proud of the research that they are putting into finding a cure. And we love that every time we go to chemo this beautiful OU flag greets us :)












In some small way that makes up for the fact that when we go to MD Anderson we are using a University of Texas facility-ha ha.

When we were leaving chemo on Friday I snapped this photo of Joel.












Seeing it makes me almost cry because it makes me think about the day we will be leaving chemo for the last time. Joel has put in so much hard work with this chemo and he has been such a fighter. A friend asked us the other day if Joel has ever been angry at any point in this cancer journey. Joel's reply was basically that he didn't have time to be angry because he had to focus his energy on the fight ahead. He has kept an amazingly positive attitude.ย It's pretty inspiring.

These past couple cycles I have had to ask a lot of people to pitch in and help get Joel up to his chemo appointment. Joel can't drive himself to his appointment, mainly because they give him sedatives at the end to combat nausea, and he cannot drive while on sedatives. I work in Oklahoma City so it'd be difficult to get off work, drive down to Norman to pick him up, drive him back to Oklahoma City for his appointment, then drive back to Norman when we are done. Thankfully we have amazing people in our life who have picked Joel up and dropped him off so that I can meet him there. So thank you Mom, Benjamin, Andrea, Matt, Lorna & Dustin. Your help has meant SO much to us!

6 weeks from today will be Joel's end of chemo party!!! We have been so busy running around with chemo and Houston and appointments the time has totally crept up on us. We rented the space a few months ago so the next few weeks will be pretty jam packed with getting the rest of the party planned and small details taken care of. We are hoping to make this party pretty special since we are celebrating the end of a really difficult year. What better way to celebrate than to party with all of those we love. Can't wait.

Love you guys,