OU vs. Texas

In my wonderful home state of Oklahoma we love our football-college football to be exact. We don't have an NFL team so we direct all of our fervor to our college teams. I am from Norman which is where the University of Oklahoma is so that means that I am a big time Sooner fan. During football season there is a big game and it is against our huge rivals the Texas Longhorns. The game is played in Dallas which is the half way point between Austin and Norman. Many people travel down that way to be a part of OU/Texas weekend, as it is called. Now we Sooner's-we do not like Texas-and the rivalry is extremely intense. During the football season I try to never miss a game. I'm not one of those girl girls who doesn't understand the game of football. I know what a pass rush is just like I know what roughing the passer means. I understand when the defense shows a blitz or what the line of scrimmage is. I love the game of football and normally football season was the highlight of the year in our home. But this year a little thing called perspective has set in. Whereas I used to think if we lost a game, which took us out of national title contention, that would be the worst thing that could happen. Today we lost the game. We lost against our bitter enemy, in one of our most important games, and I didn't care. Why? Because there are more important things in life than a game. Like family and friends and people that are hurting and in need. All of those things are 100x's more important than the game of football. During the game the announcer was talking about how the Texas quarterback needs to have a big game because "he will be remembered for this for the rest of his life." That quote is sad to me. It's sad because what we should be remembered for is our character, who we are as a person, and how we treated others, not how well we played in a sport against our rivals. I realize my way of thinking has changed and my feeling on life and death is very strong because my loss is so raw. But I also feel like that has been a gift in that it made me realize how much value I put on things that in the grand scheme of things are not important. This year OU lost, next year they could win, my life will not be affected by it either way. I'm alive and I'm healthy and I'm able to spend a few hours watching a game that I love-but in the end-it's all just that- a game.