One Foot Forward

The other day Joel and I went out to the lot of where we are hoping to build our new home. We snapped this picture of us there.

Everything is still contingent upon us selling this home first. All we can do is pray that it will so that we can move forward. One foot in the past one foot moving forward. That seems to be us lately. Joel has gone back to work and he has been so happy. But lately he has started to have a lot of aches and pains in his body. For awhile we couldn't figure out what they could be. Then we started to do some research today. Turns out the pains are residue from the chemo in his body and completely normal. It makes things frustrating at times because as you try to move forward and have some type of "normal" life again cancer and the affects from it-still linger in your life long after the disease is gone. You still have to fight this disease day in and day out and keep fighting. It makes for hard days but at the end of the day we still know how truly blessed that we are.

I have been thinking a lot about life and just the brevity of it. I hear things about how short life is and if you think about it in the terms of even having 100 years on this earth it just isn't really a long time. I think about all of the people that work to attain things on this earth-work to build business', wealth, prominence. But then you think about how when you are gone all of those things pass away. What remains? I know Joel and I have goals for a home, career goals etc. But I want the most important things that I think of and strive for to be the things that will remain long after I am no longer here. Thinking that way will really convict me in what I devote my thought life and my worries to. Even in terms of Joel-yes he is able to bring in a paycheck again-which is great. But what is most important is his health and the gift of that. And for us to have a balanced marriage not worrying more about the things we acquire and all of that nonsense. When you have that everything else is just icing on the cake. Just a thought.

On a lighter note as I post this we are all together with family watching the OU game. We are winning by 60 points so I took a blog break. Here's a quick pic I snapped of Joel. This blog post was a little random I know :)

Hope everyone has an awesome week!