One Day

Rehab. Rehab is a place that feels just like a hospital but with no IV's. It smells like a hospital and the floors are squeaky and shiny just like a hospital. Rehab is long days and sometimes long nights. Rehab is frustrating in its pace and slow on its progress. A big outing in rehab involves a wheel chair and going for a spin up and down the halls. Rehab is humbling in how much you depend on others for your basic needs. Rehab is lonely. Rehab is difficult. Rehab is frustrating. But...

Rehab is not a hospital. Rehab is needed. Rehab is necessary. Rehab is home right now. Rehab puts us one step closer to going home. Rehab gives us hope again. Rehab is full of small progress' that will add up to a big victories. One day we will look back at rehab and see it was our biggest blessing I believe. One day.


People have asked us how to pray and we just ask that you continue to. Every single part of Joel's left side needs prayer. His vision, his arm, his hands, his hips, his legs, his feet-every part. I tell people this all of the time but it is truly a miracle of God that he is alive right now. A total miracle. So we just simply need more miracles and we need more progress. Joel has fought really hard in the last 2 years to regain everything that cancer has taken away from his life and now this stroke is trying to take even more away. We are standing firm in our belief that what God has started He will finish. So that's how you pray. That He who started a perfect work in Joel by saving his life, will bring it to completion by giving him his life back fully-once again.