Oncology Visit

Just wanted to update everyone on yesterday’s Oncology appointment. Throughout this process I have talked about having good days & bad days. You have a bad day & you try to keep trudging forward knowing that another good day will come back around soon. Yesterday was a bad day for us. First of all it started with the doctor trying to reiterate to us how rare Joel’s cancer was. I finally asked him “ok by rare-what do you mean”. He proceeded to tell us that there were only 2 other known cases of this type of cancer in the kidney-in the ENTIRE world! He told Joel that he will be “famous” & that his case will be written about & studied by doctors all over the world. Our mouths were on the floor. Not exactly the type of thing you would want to be famous for. Since this cancer is so rare there is basically no guidebook or studies on how to even proceed-which is very frustrating. The doctor’s told us that they want us to go to MD Anderson in Houston for a treatment evaluation. We told them that we had been trying to get into MD Anderson for weeks & have been unsuccessful. They told us that they have a direct link to them & will work on getting our case expedited. So we will now 100% be going to MD Anderson as soon as we get our appointment date-in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Once we get to MD they will be running more tests on Joel including a PET scan to check for the presence of spreading of cancer into his cells. We need your prayers & belief that these scans will come back 100% clear. Every time we have asked people to join in prayer for us God has definitely blown our minds in granting what we have prayed for. So our immediate prayer is for no spreading.Now, the other thing is they have said that Joel will be receiving intense chemotherapy for a full year. This was devastating to us as well. We had been praying that it would only be a couple of months. What we are believing for with the chemo is that all of these scary symptoms they are telling us are possible-will not happen with Joel. We are praying that he will breeze right through it. This Monday he will be having a small surgery procedure to install a port into his chest. That way they have easy access in & out of his body for the chemo & so they won’t have to keep poking him with a needle. Last time after 5 days of that in the hospital Joel’s veins were starting to collapse. So the port will be a good thing-but Joel’s a little nervous about the procedure. Poor guy has already been through enough. But this is for the best. For a bit of good news Joel is done with his 30 days of blood thinner shots-big deal for him! And also his blood pressure has totally returned to normal & he is off of the blood pressure medicine. Both of these things are big news. Yesterday the nurse took us on a tour of the infusion room where they will be giving Joel chemo for the next year of our lives. As we were there I found myself thinking what I have thought a million times through this process-how did we get here? It is still so surreal & at times completely overwhelming. We both took yesterday’s news very hard. I don’t get it & I don’t understand why we are having to go through this. I don’t have the answers to those questions. BUT what I do know is that God is faithful. He has been faithful to us this entire time & what He started He will complete. We couldn’t get through one moment without Him.

Thanks so much for your support of us!

Love, Sarah