NYC-Part 1

Those of you who follow this blog know that NYC is near and dear to my heart. My husband was born and raised there and we met during a time I was living there. It is a special place where we met, fell in love and started our life together. Although we eventually left to move back to my home state of Oklahoma, New York was always a second home to both of us. Knowing that my first holidays without my husband would be difficult I decided to go back to the place where our story began. Milo loved the city and we had an incredible time hanging out with some of our dearest friends during my favorite time of year in New York. I have a massive amount of pictures to post and it would take forever to write about each one. I will divide our trip into two posts, some of the things we did, and the people we did them with. The first photos are from the Museum of Natural History. My son is obsessed with dinosaurs. I've never seen him as excited as he was when we walked into the large dinosaur exhibit. He ran from station to station screaming "Di Di!!" and laughing in delight. I loved to see his excitement.

The second group of today's photos are from the toy stores we visited, FAO and Toys R Us. I have been to Toys R Us many times and was excited to show Milo the gigantic Ferris wheel that is right in the middle of the store. In one of my favorite photos his mouth is wide open as he mimicked the huge Jurassic Park dinosaur opening and closing it's mouth. For a dinosaur loving boy like my son it was definitely the hi light of his trip. Another favorite thing of his was going around from toy to toy kissing each and every one. This boy loves giving kisses and distributes them liberally.

The last photos are from a trip to NBC studios with my dear friend Lauren. She works for NBC and was able to give us an all access tour of 30 Rock. I was a little in awe as I saw all of the places that I have seen on TV come to life before my eyes. We went into MSNBC news studios and watched as they recorded a live broadcast. We visited the NBC Nightly News studios and saw where Dateline is filmed. One of the coolest spots was being backstage at SNL and taking a picture on the iconic stage. Also seeing where Jimmy Fallon was filmed, as I'm always joking that he needs to be my real life BFF. We finished off our day over dinner at a cozy little Italian spot in Brooklyn. I've known Lauren since we were kiddos but getting to spend time with her on her new turf was such a fun experience. It was one of my favorite days of the trip. So thankful for her and her friendship.

Hope you enjoy the photos below. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of our trip!