New Update

Joel is finally out of ICU. We have our own room now & he is recovering. He is on pain meds but still in quite a bit of pain. The next step is to get him up & walking a bit. He's dreading it because of the pain but we know it's necessary.We are at OU Health & Science Prebyterian Tower Room #426. If you are wanting to visit please call or text me first. He's in pain & very tired so I am severly limiting the amount of people that I allow in his room. Once we are a few more days out it won't be as big of a deal but for now I have to be a bit of a Mama Bear. Yesterday was an amazing day & I definitly have plans to blog all about it but I want to take my time & really do that post right. That will be posted very soon. I took this picture of Joel once we got to our room & wanted to share. As you can see he's still the same Joel-just a little drugged & one kidney short :)

More to come in the next few days!

Love, Sarah