New update

We got a call from the Dr who told us as far as they can tell on the MRI-they DO NOT see any spreading to the spleen, pancreas or heart!! Of course they are very cautious when they tell us this news. They told us they will not be 100% sure until they get in there. But we believe this to be an answer to our prayers. Every time we have prayed for there to be no spreading-we get results back that they do not see any spreading in the tests. Praise God. Also in another answer to prayer-they have gotten Joel's blood pressure back down. When we came in it was 173/130 which is very very high. They just did a check & it's 148/89. That's very good news. We need to keep praying that the cause of this rise in blood pressure is just due to the cancer. We do not want Joel to have to continue to be on blood pressure medicine after this is all said & done. Of course in the scheme of things-that is the least of our worries-but God cares about ALL things concerning us.

Surgery will more than likely be 1 week from today. We will find out 100% probably on Monday. But for now that is the tentative date they have given us. That will give us a few days to go home & rest at home before the big day. Of course-it is hard to go home & not have the Dr's right there for us-but as we have seen in just 1 night of being here you are not able to get rest here. We are SOOOO ready for this surgery to get here!

Thank you for those of you who are sharing our blog with your friends. We appreciate that so much. The more people that know our story & are lifting us up in prayer the better! Thank you for your prayers over the last 24 hours & your continued prayers going forward. Man when you are in that time of unknown it is so hard. But God keeps proving Himself faithful time & time again.