New Season

When I first started this blog it was mostly aimed at keeping loved ones informed about Joel's cancer battle. I blogged every last detail and surprised even myself at the level of openness that I was willing to have. I have kept that up throughout the last 2 years. I now feel like the time has come to take a season off of sharing the exact details of what we continue to walk through in that area of our life. I will say that we would love it if you all continued to lift us up in prayer that Joel will continue to walk in the healing that we know Jesus already paid the price for. I heard a quote recently from Graham Cooke. If you haven't heard of him he is amazing. This is what he said: "There is a place for you in the Spirit where you can defeat the enemy by being joyful. You overwhelm him with your peace. You depress him by the love that you have in the heart of God."

At this time in our lives we have so much to be joyful about in our son Milo! So for now that is our focus and what I will blog about-along with bits and pieces and my thoughts from the journey of this life and where it's taking us. So read my next post coming right up all about Milo :)