My Valentines

So how was my first Valentines day without my husband?Well, I spent it with the people that I love. My son. My girlfriends. My family. I received lots of flowers from my kind hearted friends. I received gifts and cards from my family. I laughed and was joyous. I stopped repeatedly and thanked God for my blessings. In all honesty it was quite the blissful weekend. Then I was on the way to church on Sunday and a song from my wedding came on the radio. It mad me sad. It made me cry. As much as I spent my weekend with those I love-I still wasn't with MY love. The moments are bittersweet. For those who grieved this holiday I see you and I understand where you are. I understand your pain when a holiday of love made you feel your lack of love instead. I'm so very sorry for your pain. For me in those moments I close my eyes and thank God for His blessings. No matter how small the may seem. I've found a joyful, thankful heart is healing to the soul. It dulls the bitter. It heightens the sweet. It makes me grateful for love. Grateful for MY love. Grateful for the love of those around me. And grateful for HIS love, that picked me up and carried me through this day. And every day.





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