My Date

Not long ago I was talking to my girlfriend about raising a boy. I was sharing with her there were some things in raising a son I just assumed Joel would do. You know, the "guy things", like potty training and most importantly how to be a gentleman. My girlfriend was explaining to me that the best way to teach your son how to treat a lady is for the Mommy to take her son on dates. This made so much sense to me. Of course Milo is young now so our "dates" still consist of mostly going to dinner with others, but eventually it can be just he and I. These are the times where I can teach him to open a door, pull out a chair, and even do the ordering. One day a lovely lady is going to be very lucky to have him just like I was so lucky to have his father. So here's some pics from our last "date". I must say that my date certainly was the most handsome guy in the room.