More Details

We are back from Houston & it is so wonderful to be home. I have never been much of a homebody. Joel could stay home & not surface for weeks & be ok. Me-if I am home for more than a few hours I start to get antsy. But since we have started traveling & spending weeks at a time away from home, I find that the only place I want to be is in my home & in my own bed! It's the most wonderful feeling. We are so happy to be back. As you can see from this mornings post-Joel's test results came back clear! We always pray & believe for good results but I cannot put into words how intense it is getting these tests done & waiting for the results. I have to fight fear because we have had so much bad news & felt like we have been punched in the gut SOOO many times that you almost start to just prepare yourself for possible bad news. In this case I try to not only pray for but expect a good result. And today our prayers were answered. During our last trip to MD Anderson they had mentioned a spot on Joel's lung that they were concerned about & would be monitoring. Today they told us that spot has disappeared! The Dr believes that spot was probably either cancerous or a benign growth & that the chemo did its job & got rid of it. Either way, no matter what, it was an answer to prayer. I informed the Doctor that we don't know how it disappeared but we had prayed that it would & God answered. I have always made it a huge point to let our Doctors know where we stand as far as our faith level. My hope is that our case will be different & it will be a testimony to them of the God we serve. As we walked out of the hospital doors I knew that we are so extremely blessed. I know there were other people that left that same hospital with not so good news, & that breaks our hearts. At different times that has been us. So we are thankful that this day we were able to leave with our hearts full of joy for the news of clear tests-thank you Jesus.

Also, in other news-they are going to be changing the way Joel's chemo is administered for these next 2 cycles. It is hard to explain the reason why without listing a bunch of medical details. But in synopsis-chemo is a drug that can do amazing things for getting rid of cancer but it is also a very highly toxic drug that can have other affects on your body. They have to keep an eye on Joel's heart, his kidney, his blood, his platelets & many other things to make sure that the drug is not negatively affecting him in any of these areas. They saw a small area of concern of how it was affecting his heart so they are going to switch some things around. The good news in all this is they are going to try to administer the chemo a little more quickly & that means no more week-long hospital stays (at least for the next 6 week cycle)! We haven't talked to our Doctor's here in OKC yet but we are hoping they will be able to do it all out-patient over the course of 2 days. Our MD Doctor's have told us that this is the way they want it to be done. There is a possibility they may hold us over-night for one night, we just don't know. But either way it is not a full-week in the hospital. We were both blown away because we hadn't been expecting that there would be any changes in his chemo routine. Although they are changing it to be cautious it still is a much better plan for us as week-long hospital stays are terribly difficult for us both. Please be in prayer for us that this new way of administering the chemo will agree with Joel's body in every way (specifically his heart) & that we will be able to remain on this plan for the duration of the year. That would be the most wonderful news for us. Thank you so much for praying & for all of the texts & calls we got today. I can never put into words how much it means to us to have our friends covering us in prayer.

I will blog again once I find out the for sure plan from our Doctor's at OU Med. On another OU note Joel & I will spend tomorrow cheering on our Sooner's for the OU/Texas game. You can't see me but I am pointing those Longhorns downward. :) Go Sooners!!!

Love you guys,