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A couple months ago we had Ellis' 8 month baby pictures taken. New places and situations are still areas where she tends to go inward and get very quiet as she takes it in. She also has a very limited threshold as to how much she can take without getting annoyed. Brother, on the other hand, is a ham and loves the camera. Always has. He decided to come along for moral support and ended up jumping in many of the pictures. By that point Ellis seemed just fine with relinquishing the spotlight!

These two couldn't be more different.

I love seeing the growth in Ellis and how much she has changed since her last photos at 4 months. In those photographs she wouldn't let me leave her side. Baby steps of progress this time.

Her one year photos are coming up in November. Can you believe it? What an incredible milestone just around the bend.

I love these two munchkins with my whole heart. After such a long battle with infertility I still pinch myself many days that I get to be the mother of two. They are both beyond my wildest dreams.

Enjoy the snaps (by Art & Soul Photography)!

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