Mile 10

Most of you who have been reading this blog for awhile have heard me talk about the half-marathon that Joel and I ran last April only 3 weeks before he was diagnosed with cancer. Looking back on it I still can't believe I ran a half-marathon! I am not a runner. In fact I don't really even like running that much. Training for the half-marathon was grueling and not something that I particularly enjoyed. But would I do another half-marathon again? In a heart beat. In fact, it has been difficult for me to hear so much talk about the OKC Memorial Marathon that is coming up in a few weeks because after we ran our first one last year we decided then and there that we would do it every year. We won't be able to do it this year for obvious reasons-but next year I fully expect us both to line up at that starting line once again. Why would I do it again? Because there are a million life lessons that I learned just in running that race. I learned about perseverance and pushing myself in ways I never thought that I could. I learned about mental and physical toughness and not giving up. I learned my biggest lesson at mile 10. This half-marathon was the first race I had ever ran. 13.1 miles. I could only imagine in my mind how this race would be and prepare accordingly. I figured that the first few miles would be the hard part-then once I settled in each of the remaining miles would be easy as I would be counting them down. The closer I got the more excited I would get and the more that excitement would carry me through.  The first few miles were about getting into a groove and finding my pace. After mile 3 I settled into quite the rhythm and many of those miles are a blur. That is when I hit mile 10. Only 3 miles were left-easy right? Not at all. Mile 10 was my wall. Mile 10 was where my body was telling me I was done. Mile 10 was when my feet where aching my hip was hurting and my mind was fatigued. Everything within me was done. Those last 3 miles were the most difficult part of the race. It was gut-check time. I had to talk to myself and my body-will myself forward. I feel like in our journey we have now reached mile 10. This is the part where from the outside looking in it seems like these last 4 cycles should be smooth sailing. But we are exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally. The past year has been so trying on us and we are beyond ready to be done. A friend of mine is about to have a baby in a few weeks. She said it perfectly when she said that she wasn't even pregnant yet when Joel was diagnosed-now here she is already about to give birth to her child and we are STILL not done with this journey. But that's the amazing thing about that race in relation to my life. I can think back to that day and remember mile 10. I can remember how I just wanted to stop. I remember how I didn't think I would make it. But you know what? I did make it! And once I crossed that finish line every ache and pain and tear and tribulation-it was all worth it. I love how God works. I don't think it was by accident that God put it within my heart to suddenly train for a race. Actually with how much I detested running it's nothing short of a miracle that the idea even crossed my mind! He knew what the next year of our life would hold. He knew it would be the most trying situation we would ever have to go through. And He also knew that I would be able to remember that moment in the race where I thought I couldn't go on but I did. So now I am thankful for that brutal mile 10 because I know that no matter how difficult it looks I can put one foot in front of the other and just keep going and I will make it to the finish line.

A couple cool things to tell you about with our Non-Profit. I had another meeting with our CPA yesterday and we are now officially Incorporated! We also have opened up our very own small business checking account and have our business identification number. We are also almost completely through with the large form that we have to mail off to the IRS to get our official tax free status. It has been quite the form and has taken a lot of work on both of our ends. We have our final meeting next Wednesday and we hope to file the entire document that week. It may not sound to exciting but to us it is really exciting. It has been so much work to get this thing off the ground, way more than we thought it would be. Now to see little baby steps happening and seeing such a big dream of ours start to come into fruition-it's just so humbling and so exciting! We can't wait to share more as our launch date approaches.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!


Sarah & Joel