Messy Perfection

Recently Milo tagged along with me to do some "bump" pictures.Let's just say it was a challenging shoot. I'd had high hope for these pictures. My friend Michelle is an incredible photographer. She makes expecting Mama's look good. Even when you're taking pictures feeling less than ideal on a 90+ degree Oklahoma day.

Coordinating outfits-check Roots touched up-check Kid hair cut-check Spending way too long on my makeup-check Snow cone child bribery upon successful shoot completion-check

I was ready to go. Milo was ready to go. Or so I thought...

It went downhill fast folks. Fast. I think the words "I don't want to take pictures" were muttered by my sweet boy within 60 seconds of arrival.

We tried everything.

Tickling-no go Chasing-no go Jokes-no go More bribery-no go Silly faces-no go Silly dance moves-no go A goofy rendition of the song Oklahoma: no go

We tried it all. Nothing worked.

I sat there on the blanket near tears. I'd planned for this moment, hoped for this moment, and here it was falling apart before my eyes. I was so disappointed what I was longing for wasn't coming to pass. It seemed better to quit while we were ahead.

We wrapped it up a short while later calling it a night. My friend said she would send me the pics. I honestly had little hope of many good ones being captured.

Later that evening I received an email from her with several images to choose from. As I scrolled through the images I shook my head in amazement.

The pictures were nothing like I had originally desired them to be. None of my pre-planned "poses" had panned out. Instead what was captured, was life. Pictures of my son with a big silly grin, because I could only get him to sit still for 10 seconds at a time before he ran off excitedly. Quiet moments of me alone looking down at my belly, when Milo was off playing in the field. Pictures of his sweet little curls because the back of his head was all he was giving to us.

No they weren't planned. No they weren't perfect.

They were better. They were life. They were real.

They accurately show the last few precious moments as a family of two before we grow to a family of three. They show how we are rejoicing in the miracle that is this sweet baby girl.

These pictures capture that. They stay true to that. They honor that.

Life isn't always a series of picture perfect photo sessions. We aren't always styled the way we want to be. We don't always look the way we want to look. They don't always turn out the way we want them to turn out.

But what if we let go of our preconceived notions of what life "should be" and simply rejoiced in what it is?

Unknown. Chaotic. Imperfect. Real.

Why do we try so hard to paint a picture of perfection? We all know life never is.

I will always remember this photo shoot for what it was, not for what it wasn't. The day we captured life in all its imperfect glory and marveled at its beauty still.

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