May has been a crazy month with no signs of slowing down. I have had 2 showers in the past 2 weeks and have been so blessed to receive so many awesome things for our son. The first shower was put on by some of my best girlfriends Shelly, Lindsey, & Lindsay. They did such an amazing job and everything was adorable. Pic of the decor

Pic with my girls

These pics are terrible quality because I took them on my phone. I will post better ones later.

The other shower I had was a group of my friends from work. We all went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and they brought me books with sweet messages inside. Reading is a really big deal to me and something that I hope our son loves as much as I do. As kids one of my brother and my favorite things to do was go to the library. I am sure Mom loved that because it was a free field trip-ha! Still to this day as an adult I love going to the library and frequently have piles of library books sitting on my bedside table. I hope to be able to instill that same sense of delight in reading to my child as well. Thanks to my friends this baby has tons of great books just waiting to be read to him and I can't wait.

Our new house is nearly done! We have our final walk through in a few days and then we close on May 24th. We move in with about 5 weeks or so to spare until the baby gets here. It is going to be a mad dash to get unpacked and get his nursery and the rest of the house done before he gets here. Joel has been incredible working so hard to get everything ready to go and he totally forbids me from lifting a finger. (Young ladies-marry a man that is a hard worker!) I know that once we get in the house it'll be a huge load off of the both of us. The closer you get to your due date it just becomes so important to have everything ready for the baby and things haven't been anywhere near ready for us. Can't wait until we are finally settled and no longer living out of boxes-yay!!

So I move from all of those exciting things to the not so exciting thing. Tomorrow is Joel's CT scan then we receive test results on Tuesday. If you think of it please say a prayer for us and for continued clear scans. We've almost been too busy to worry too much about these tests which is nice. But I know that Tuesday will be a hard day and no matter how many times you have the tests you never get used to it. It's our life but it's not a fun part of our life. But we've been so extremely blessed recently and we expect good things from the week ahead.

Here's a quick pic of us heading to Lexi's wedding. It was at Harn Homestead and was so adorable. So happy for you Lex!

We love you guys! Sarah & Joel