Lots of New

We have had quite the busy few weeks. So excited to say that we FINALLY are in our new home! Joel has been working insanely hard getting everything ready in our new house and he has done an amazing job. My parents have also been over here helping a ton and with all of their hard work we have managed to get most everything done. We got the nursery done which was a huge thing to me. We have had all of our baby things in boxes and really didn't even know what we had or didn't have until we were able to get it all unpacked. Seeing the babies nursery all put together is a huge relief and also makes it feel very real that he will be here in 4 short weeks! Here's a picture of Joel unlocking our front door for the first time.

And here's us in our new house!

Took a few pics of the babies nursery.

Here's baby boys crib

And since his Momma loves music of course he will too! As an art piece I went to an old vintage store and got some records to hang on his wall. With Carly Simon, The Carpenters and others looking over him that will ensure he has good taste in old music :)

We had 3 showers this month and my final one was last week at my work. My lady co-workers did an awesome job at putting together everything even down to the vegetarian menu for me. Loved it!

Yummy cake

Yummy Food

Joel and I at the shower

So that's what we have been up to. Besides doctor's appointments we don't have anything planned for this month except to try to rest and enjoy this time together before our son arrives. It's beyond weird to think that we have a major life change coming in a few weeks but we don't really quite know what that will entail or how to prepare for it. I know that we will learn really quickly though! I am just so excited to be able to meet my son. Joel and I have waited 5 1/2 years for this time in our lives to come and many times never knew if it would. The fact that it is almost here makes us both feel so humbled and blessed to be able to raise this child. And these days we are just taking things day by day and enjoying the small moments and big as well. I was really good at that when we were in the thick of Joel's battle but once you get past it you tend to lose that intensity. If there's anything that is good about scary news it's just that it kind of forces you back into that space of making every moment count because really-we should all live that way every day. We are determined that nothing will rob us of the sweet moments in our life and we know that life is about to get a whole lot sweeter.