Looking Away

In the last few weeks I've heard of 2 deaths from cancer and 2 more in the final stages of cancer.These stories range in scope from a newly married groom losing his life, to an 8 year old boy desperately clinging to his. None of these are people I know personally, rather I was directed to their stories via social media, much in the same way many of you were directed to ours.

When I hear of someone losing their battle, I take it hard. My heart breaks. I know what the family is facing. It's the most horrible thing anyone could ever have to endure. When I hear of someone battling to the end, I take that hard as well. I know how it feels to have tried everything within your power to keep the one you love alive, and still feel them slipping away from you. There's nothing you can do in your own strength. It's a helpless, helpless feeling.

Yesterday I was reading a blog where the Mom was sharing that the doctors have now given her little boy no hope. They have taken him home for what they are told, is his final weeks. I wept as I read their story. It is gut-wrenching.

The sad stories are never easy to read. We never want to believe they truly exist. Maybe because deep down, we never want to believe they can happen to us.

As I read her story it was almost too much to bear. It made me want to look away. But I didn't. I finished every last word as she shared her heart, even as the tears streamed down my face.

It made me so grateful for each of you. I know at times our families story has been gut-wrenching. I've been told it has even brought grown men to tears. I know you may have wanted to look away. I'm so thankful you didn't. Even though it would have been easy to. For you see, if you look away at the most tragic parts, you'll never witness the triumphant ones.

This blog was never intended to be something that leaves you heartbroken. It's something that should leave you feeling inspired. It has never shied away from the hard moments of what we have faced. But it also gives glory to that which we have conquered. And those things were many. Our story has had its tragedy. But our story will have its triumph.

I thank you for sticking with us to this point. For not looking away when it was hard. For rooting for my family always. I believe you are watching an incredible story unfold, day by day. What seemed like the end was only the beginning. And what is the beginning will always honor the end.

The posts you have read with tears in your eyes will one day be posts you read with joy in your heart. We believe in the promises of God. We believe we will see the goodness of The Lord. We believe our sorrow will be turned to joy. We believe the plans The Lord has in store for my husbands life are just getting started. And as we stand in amazement, we believe you will too.

This family will overcome. We will dance among the ruins. And our greatest hope is to inspire, you to do the same.

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