Life these days

Joel has had an incredible week this week. This is the most "himself" that I have seen him since his surgery. He has that glimmer back in his eye & it is so good to see. He still tires easily, & we still spend most of our time at home. But now, more than ever, I start to see the old Joel coming back. This weekend was a wonderful time of spending time together & spending time with friends. We have an appointment this Thursday to meet with the Oncologist at OU Medical Center. This will be the day that (we think) we should find out their plan for us for Joel's chemotherapy treatments. We had planned on going to MD Anderson to get an opinion from them on treatment options. But after over a month of going back & forth with them-as well as trying to fulfill all their numerous requirements-we decided that we are going to just work with the Oncologists here at home because we didn't want to wait any longer. The doctor who performed Joel's surgery & has told us he has total confidence in the Oncology at OU. We trust him implicitly. Joel's Oncology Doctor is the head of the entire Oncology department & we feel comfortable being in their hands. One of the hardest things to get use to in all of this is how every decision we make is a huge one that has serious consequences. We have made adult decisions before, financial ones, job decisions etc. Never before have we had to make such big life-changing decisions on nearly a daily basis. That can be very intimidating. Every decision we make we cover in prayer. We have prayed a lot about the chemotherapy situation & we feel totally confident in the decision we have made.

I had a friend write me to really encourage me on the issue of chemo. Her Dad has gone through chemo as well & they had heard all the dire reports of what chemo will do to your body. She was challenging me to continue to hold onto our faith that God can do the miraculous in our lives. Just like we had so much faith that the surgery would be successful we can have that same amount of expectancy for God to do amazing things in our lives during this chemo process. Just because they give us all of the "worst-case" scenario's doesn't mean that will happen to us. She told me that her Dad was able to get through the chemo with no side affects. That is what we are praying for with Joel. He wants to be able to go back to work while he's doing chemo. He doesn't want to be weak & tired & lose his hair & all of those scary things you automatically think of when you think of chemo. God has done so many things for us so far & we know what He has started He will finish in Joel.

So if you would like to know how you can pray for us-pray that Joel is able to skate right through chemo. Pray that his body & his spirits will stay strong. And pray that he will continue to amaze doctors in how he is able to stay strong & withstand all of these tough things that have been thrown at him.

I will write more after our appointment.

We love you!

Sarah & Joel