Life is Good? Life is Good!

We went in this morning for another round of chemo. When we were sitting in the chemo room I was looking around at all the other patients & taking in our surroundings. As I looked at the gentleman across from us I noticed the shirt that he was wearing. "Life is Good" it said. What an interesting shirt for a cancer patient to be wearing during a chemo treatment. Most people would think that a "Life really sucks right now" shirt would probably be more accurate! The more I thought about his shirts proclamation I thought about how life really is what you make it to be. Life can be good during the rain storms just as much as it is good with the warm sunshine beating down on you. Yes the suns warmth is nice but there is also a comfort in the gentle pitter patter of rain on the roof top & the cozy dark clouds outside. There is beauty in all seasons of life sometimes we just have to look a little harder for it. When we first heard the word "cancer" I definitely didn't think I would be able to find anything beautiful about this season of our life, but slowly I am finding it more & more. You appreciate life more when you are suddenly aware of how quickly it can be taken from you. I appreciate the increased time that I have with my husband-even if it is sitting in chemo rooms & in doctors offices. I appreciate the new perspective on life & what the really important things are. Most importantly for a cancer patient-if you are able to put on a t-shirt in the morning-that means that you are alive & taking life a day at a time. And that gift alone makes life really really good Today we went in for chemo round #4. Everything went relatively well. Joel is a trooper when it comes to the chemo day. The time where he starts to struggle a bit is a few days following the chemo. Recovery is always more difficult than the actual infusion. It is hard to believe that after this we will be done with another 6 week cycle & off to MD Anderson again in 2 weeks. Time is starting to move more swiftly whereas at first it was moving at a snails pace. For this we are so grateful.

Thank you all for your prayers today & every day. We need them & appreciate them!


Sarah & Joel