Today.Life is precious. Life is a gift. Today would have been a birthday. My husbands 37th.

Birthday. A celebration of the day life begins. When it enters the world. New, fresh, and full of promise. A day to reflect. A day to love. A day to rejoice.

Life. How quickly it can change. In an instant. Forever. We don't think about life nearly enough. Until it's gone. Then we miss it. Then we mourn it. We would give everything we have just to get it back. If even for a day. Or even for a moment. Once again.

One. We only get one. One life. We should value it while we have it. We don't know where it will take us. So how to live it? Boldly. Fearlessly. Without regret. We don't know how much of this gift we have to enjoy.

His birthday. A celebration. Of the beginning of his life. Of every day the world was blessed with his presence. Of who he was. Of how much we love him. Of every moment we had with him.

Celebrate. We honor him by celebrating life. By opening the gift of it every single morning. Cherishing it every day. Though life is but a vapor Each life doesn't have to be a whisper. It can make waves. That resonate. No matter the course of it. No matter the length of it. We will live ours with all we have. Until we have none left.

We honor his. We value ours. We live this life. Truly, live. For we all have only one.

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