Labor and Leading

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!I also have not had baby girl and not told you. That's actually what I've been working on recently, moment to moment.

For the entire last week I've mainly been at home, laboring. I'm not talking about small little pains that you have and keep going. I'm talking about huge pains that leave me doubled over and unable to speak. In my naivety, I thought my labor would pretty much follow the same type of order my sons did. A couple day build up and then go time!

Days and days and days of pain, and even a hospital visit only to be sent back home (the absolute worse) and my baby girl is still snuggled up in my belly, content to stay there for who knows how long.

When I was in the middle of another painful contraction the other day I felt the Lord speaking to my heart about how poetic labor was. What a metaphor it can be for us all.

In this instance it is the truth that pain leads us to new life.

He never wastes our pain. Nothing that we walk through was EVER meant to be in vain.

Pain is not without meaning. Pain is not without purpose. Every ache I feel. Every painful contraction I have, brings me one step closer to her. Every hurt, He is using to literally bring me to a new season of life.

A new hope. A new joy.

When Joel was first sick a precious friend gave me a verse that I stood on firmly.

Do I not bring a mother to the moment of birth and not let her deliver?" asks the LORD. "Do I cause a mother to deliver and then make her unable to have children?" asks your God. Isaiah 66:9

What He's saying here is He is with us from the first to the last. And He will not allow the pain of childbirth without the new life it also brings.

The way our story continues to unfold is one of unending redemption. The Lord has, and continues to redeem the pain our family has walked through. And He's doing it again even now. In every hurtful moment. For as much as we have mourned, soon, we will rejoice.

It is He who is so lovingly leading us to that place, the place of promises fulfilled.

It's not what we had, but there's still more to be. And every ache and every wince continues to push us forward, one day closer to seeing His promise with our own eyes.

To holding it in our arms.

That will be the moment we see His promise come to life. The moment our hearts are bursting forth with thankfulness like never before.

No doubt, one look at her little face will confirm, every bit of pain was worth it.


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