Just One

We only had one. One Christmas. One Thanksgiving. One birthday. One Easter. One Mothers Day. One Father's Day as a family of three. A few weeks after my sons first birthday my husband passed away. I have thought many times how I would have celebrated each of those holidays if I would have known it was our only one we would have together. What would I have changed? The only thing I know for sure is I would have been grateful for every single moment. Which brings me to each of you. How did you celebrate your holiday? Did you cherish looking into your husbands eyes as you watched your children open their gifts with delight? Did you give your parent an extra squeeze? Do you call a friend and tell them you love them? The only thing about time is not a moment of it is guaranteed and life can change in an instant. If there's one thing I would say to each of you is celebrate every holiday to the fullest. Treasure it. Every moment of it. How much we have of it is never certain. Stop and take it in. Every big moment and every small moment. Cherish them all. Always.