It's Off to Work We Go

Tomorrow is such an amazing day for us-it is Joel's first day back at work! He has been off work for nearly a year and a half. Throughout the journey there were many times when Joel would turn to me and say "how did we get here? I just want to be at work." When your life is turned upside down you just long for the normalcy of what was. There were so many days when none of us knew if we would ever get a "normal" life again. I have talked a lot about how our life will truly ever be "normal" again post-cancer and I have talked about our "new normal". I am ok with our new normal. In our new normal so many simple little every day moments are so sweet and so many every day moments become milestones. For 4 years Joel and I were car pool buddies. We had that 30 minute ride to and from work every day together to connect. When he first got sick, and I had to make the car ride alone, the silence was deafening. The first few weeks I would cry every day. Now-by the grace of God-we get to have that time together again. It may sound cliche to say what a blessing that car ride will be but it really is. This weekend we hauled out all of Joel's old work clothes and spread them all over our living room. We tried it all on to figure out what fit and what didn't and went shopping for new duds.


Joel is understandably nervous about going back to work again. It has been a long time. But we both know this is such a huge step towards us having a life again and moving forward towards a future. And it's one more way that we are kicking cancer in the tail.

Speaking of which-my sister got us the cutest coffee mugs last year. I love them so much and kept meaning to take a picture to post on the blog. The other night as Joel was trying on his clothes, he stopped for a cup of coffee. I laughed at which mug he happened to grab and finally had my perfect coffee mug moment to capture.



One more thought-let us never take for granted the blessing of another day. You never know what life will bring us. Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I was living in Tulsa at the time going to school and working. I was driving to my job when I heard on the radio something about a plane and a tower. I pulled up to Cloud Nine Productions, where I worked, and raced inside. Slowly but surely my co-workers drifted into work and we sat glued to the TV in stunned silence. The very city that I was watching on TV that day was the city where my future husband was and I didn't even know him yet. He was working in the building right next to the Empire State Building. He heard the second plane fly overhead and many believe that plane might have actually originally been headed to the Empire State Building and re-routed to the Trade Center instead. Joel was in the middle of the mayhem trying to make his way home on foot since the subways were closed. And back in Oklahoma I was watching it all unfold on TV. You never know how your day will change from one moment to the next. People went to work that very day, thinking it was just like any normal day, and never returned home. My heart hurts for those who lost so much in one moment. It makes me, all the more, thank the lord for His blessing over our life. Thank the Lord that my husband has a job to return to. And thank the Lord-simple moments-and car rides together again.