Insert Rocky Theme Song

Well the shock is starting to wear off & it is being replaced by sheer determination (insert Rocky theme song here). We have spent the last few days hurting & crying & hurting & crying some more. I am sure there may be more of that in days to come. For now we are moving forward & tackling what we need to tackle to get ready for Joel's surgery & beyond. We are ready to face what lies ahead & beat this sickness that has chosen to invade our lives. Today we went back to work. Since his surgery is not for another week & a half we need to save all of our vacation time that we can. We will be working not quite full 8 hour days until that day comes. It was both good & hard to be back at work. Hard because we've had some pretty traumatic news handed to us recently. That tends to make it tough to concentrate & get back on the horse so to speak. But it has been good because getting back to a more normal routine makes you feel like life moves on & it's ok to move forward. Heck, to just keep moving at all seems like a reasonable goal for us these days.

We had 2 different Dr's appointments today. The first was at the fertility clinic. Since we aren't completely sure of what the future holds as far as chemo & the like-we made steps to make sure that Joel's assets were protected...or in this case frozen. That way we can move forward with what's to come without worrying how it will affect our future chances of trying to conceive. This has been a great relief to us & one less thing to worry about. The other appointment we had was with the Urologist that gave us the diagnosis. We had several questions for him from the menial-what can Joel eat or not eat-to the pressing-recovery times for the surgery etc. We got all of our questions answered & it gave us major peace of mind. Our Urologist also told us that he had personally spoken to the specialist who will perform the surgery. He told him all of the details about Joel. The surgeon will be meeting with us the very day he gets back. We were happy to know that he was given a heads up.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have visited our blog & who leave comments. I know that it may seem like something small to do-but it means so much to us. It's incredibly heart warming the way that people have reached out to Joel & I both. Also, while it would be impossible to thank everyone I do want to take a few moments to personally thank some of the people who have really gone above & beyond for us. Ben & Lindsay & all of the people at New Covenant who prayed over us yesterday. The coming together of the body of Christ, many of whom we do not even know, to lay hands on Joel & speak healing over his body was moving in ways that I cannot even clearly articulate. To my prayer circle gals-Traci, Ivy, Lindsay F., Lindsey W., Alisha, Cami, Andrea, & Kimber-you all have been my rock. Thank you for your support & your love & your prayers & texts & calls. I couldn't do it without you. To Lindsey M. for grabbing me lunch today & making me eat because I need to be strong for my husband. And also my family for "babysitting" Joel-taking me to Target-watering our plants & anything else that we need. Love you all!!!!

Thanks to you the reader!


Sarah & Joel

"Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."-Psalm 16:8