In Its Time

"And you come like the sun with pockets full of redemption.~John Mark McMillan" Last week we had a major ice storm here in the great state of Oklahoma. The temperature did not rise above freezing for many days in a row, which meant the ice was a constant companion. Day after day I watched as the branches of the trees behind our house started to sag more and more. As the sheer weight of the ice on the limbs seemed to be more than many of these little trees could take, many of our neighbors branches started to bend and break. Not so with the trees behind my house. They were hanging on for dear life but hanging on none the less. Still as the days wore on with no warmth in sight I started to worry about these precious trees. They were droopy, sad and worn. If they weren't going to break then they certainly seemed to be bent beyond repair and some even seemed as if they might not survive.

As Christmas Eve rolled around I was sitting at my kitchen table when a bright light out back caught my eye. I got up to walk over to my window to see what it could be. I could not believe my eyes, it was the trees. The temperature outside had warmed a few degrees and the ice began to melt. As the sun reflected off the ice it created a dazzling display of bright shimmery lights bouncing around. It was glistening and it was magical. With each person that entered the kitchen they were drawn to the back window "whoah did you see that?" we were all exclaiming in wonder. Less than 24 hours ago the back field was dying now it was radiant with splendor. The ice continued to thaw throughout the day until it was completely gone. And what was left of the branches after such trauma? They sprung to life again. It was hard to believe they had recently endured very trying times.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

In my Strong's Concordance it had the following powerful commentary on that verse:

All natural things are beautiful in their season; things in summer, winter, spring, and autumn; frost and snow in winter, and heat in summer; darkness and dews in the night, and light and brightness in the day; and so in ten thousand other things: times of plucking up and breaking down of weeping and mourning, of losing and casting away are all necessary, and seasonable and beautiful, in their issue and consequences: prosperity and adversity, in their turns, make a beautiful work.

The storm came, the branches froze, yet rose again and sprang to life. The storm blanketed the tree but in the end could not diminish who the tree was. Once the sun shone its beauty radiated like never before. If the tree had never endured the storm I might have never noticed its beauty. The storm could not conquer it and the sun recreated it. I'm so thankful God continually uses His perfect creation as reminders for us no matter how things may momentarily appear, the time will come, where He will make it beautiful once again.