ICU-Day 8

I am about to do something new. It is beginning to happen even now.Don’t you see it coming? I am going to make a way for you to go through the desert. I will make streams of water in the dry and empty land.

Isaiah 43:19

God is at work. He is moving. He is shifting things. He is bringing things forth. He is making all things new. Everything with Joel continues to be stable. His kidney function continues to increase. His vitals remain excellent. When they un-sedate him for vitals check he is responding to every command. He gives up the thumbs-up sign. Each and every one of these signs are very encouraging. They are going to keep him on his hypothermia therapy for at least another day. Tomorrow he will have a CT scan to see what the progress is on the swelling. We really need some strong prayers for good results on these scans. I fight fear every time one of these scans are done because in the past the results were never good. We need good results this time. We need for the streams of water to burst forth in this dry land. So that's where we stand. We are seeing signs, small steady signs, that victory is coming-we want to see it in full. It is coming.

A verse from Salvation-Chris Tomlin

Salvation, spring up from the ground Lord, rend the heavens and come down Seek the lost and heal the lame Jesus, bring glory to Your name.