ICU-Day 4

We need prayers for the swelling in Joel's brain to stop plain and simple. That is where we are at today. His vitals are stable his breathing is stable but his brain has a lot of swelling. They are trying different medications to get it down that they say could have adverse affects on other organs of his body, which we are believing that it won't. I have told the doctors over and over again that Joel will recover and that these are just small setbacks. Most days they either look at my like I'm crazy or that they pity me. Don't pity me. Just watch and see what my God can do. You Never Fail-Hillsong

When waters rise all around me When mountains stand in the path I see I look to love that's unfailing I look to grace that is all I need

Oh call Call upon the Name Jesus Christ The only Name that saves

For there is no one like our God There's no one like our God There's nothing that can stand against You There's no stronghold You can't break No life that You can't save Our God You never fail

Your light will shine through the darkness Your word will calm every crashing wave My hope it lies in Your promise My faith it stands on the empty grave

Strong through every trial Faithful through the night Our God will never fail Our God will never fail

Anchor through the flood You keep holding on I know You'll never fail Jesus You'll never fail