Ice vs Food

Joel & I have a cute little dog & his name is Colby. Colby's bowl of dog food is sitting to the side of our kitchen. A normal occurrence at our home is this: I fill up Colby's dish with nice yummy dog food & he goes to start chowing down. I then go over to our fridge to fill my cup with ice & water. Colby will then leave his nice yummy bowl of dog food & rush over to where? To me at the fridge-begging for a piece of ice. Ice? Cold, frozen, no flavor, ice? That is correct. Then I try to reason with him (reason with a dog.....I know.....) & I say "Colby, no, go eat your food!" I even point to the bowl. But no-he just looks at me with those cute little brown eyes waiting for his ice. I give in almost every time. It's started to make me think about what I want & what I seek in my relationship with God. Today I was having a quiet time with God & I was singing a popular worship song called "Healer". And there's a line in there that says "Jesus You're all I need-You're more than enough for me." And as I was singing it I was asking myself do I mean that? I remembered the other night at the hospital when I was having a really tough moment with my emotions. What did I do? I ate half of a ginormous bag of M & M's some friends had given us to take to the hospital. (By the way I am now instituting a no junk food ban for us in the hospital-lol). But in that moment I realized-that is me being like my dog. When I have this big bowl of yumminess that would be turning to God in my moments of need-I instead turn to something that is cold, artificial, & that brings me joy in the moment but hardly fills me. As I sang that line of "You're more than enough for me" it was like God was speaking to my heart saying "Sarah let me be more than enough for you-because I am". And friends-He is for you too.

Our 50 state challenge has been beyond incredible so far. As you can see from our map below we have added quite a few new states. I was super excited to get Alaska today! I thought that'd be a tough one. Hawaii is the next big challenge. With your help we can do it but we are still needing more! We only have 17 states to go. You never know what it means to us-just the fact that you would take the time to say a short prayer. Would you consider passing along our blog to someone you know in the states below?

States that we need: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, & Wyoming

Thank you so much friends for your prayers and all that you do for us!

We love you

Sarah & Joel

PS-We are now adding Canada too. We love you Canada! :)

UPDATE: We now have Hawaii!!! So cool. Thanks Jfer & Jon! Also-we've just decided to go ahead & go global & add all the different contries we have as well. Pretty incredible. Thank you everyone!