I Know Him

"Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaanta!!" One of Joel and my favorite movies was the movie Elf (despite the fact that I am not a Christmas person). I think that Buddy the Elf is the most precious thing ever and I love Will Ferrell in this role. There are a million lines that I could throw out from this movie as being my "fave" (cottonheadedninnymuggins, anyone?) but some of my most favorite scenes from the movie are when Buddy ends up being assigned to the kids part of the department store because they think he is a hired elf. I love it when the store manager gets up and tells all of the kids that Santa is coming tomorrow. Buddy has this look of sheer delight on his face. "Saaaaaaaaaanta!" he screams out while jumping up and down. "I know him! I know him!" All of the kids were excited to meet a Santa that they had heard stories about and maybe even sat on his lap before for a quick picture. They had heard about him from afar but that is the extent of their Santa relationship. But Buddy, sweet Buddy, He knows Santa. He has been side by side with him at the North Pole. He knows the fullness of all that Santa can do and he knows his heart is to bring joy to all of the children of the world. He is coming from a different place because of his relationship with and who he knows Santa to be. Because of this, there is a different excitement from Buddy on who this person really is as he has seen him face to face. There is a different expectation of what Santa has come to do because Buddy knows Santa. That in itself is enough for Buddy.

The other evening I was praying and asking God some really hard questions and at the end of my prayer I just finished with "but I know You". In that moment, that was enough for me. I find that it's ok to have questions but you have to land in a place of trusting who He is.

Psalms 48:14-For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even to the end.

For this God is my God. That is a truth that I cling to. At the end of the day, when nothing makes sense, He is God. Sometimes we can't make sense of the chaos around us and life can be so complicated, but who He is sustains and who He is remains. And one thing that I can say about my faithful God is this: I know Him, I know Him, I know Him.