How Great

I remember when I went on a cruise vacation with my family. One of the first things they have you do when you get on the boat is an emergency drill. We are talking everyone on deck-life jackets on-emergency sirens blaring. What a downer! Where is the buffet?? You see at that moment when you are just leaving the harbor it is vacay time. Who cares about drills & life jackets & other unnecessary things. None of those things matter.......until there is an emergency & the ship is sinking. Suddenly those life jackets are your life line, your key to survival. I have been to church probably a thousand times in my life. I know the Bible & I know the scriptures. I know numerous worship songs word for word-note for note.  I have sung about the greatness of our God-read the scriptures about God being our healer. But I can say for sure that up until this very moment many of those things have been like the drill on the cruise. They were the things that I appreciated & knew about. But now that our ship is sinking these truths are the one thing that we cling to for our survival.

Today we went to church with some good friends of ours. It was an emotional experience to say the least. All of the sudden scriptures I have always heard & songs that I have always sung, now have an entirely new meaning to us both. We sang a Chris Tomlin song titled "How Great is our God." When you are going through so much agony in your life it isn't always easy to sing about how great our God is-but we did. There is a line in the song today that really became truth to me. It says "that all will see how great, how great is our God." This line embodies my prayer for the journey that we are walking through. I do not just want Joel to be healed & for us to move on with our lives. Don't get me wrong-we are praying & believing for his healing with everything we have. But really my true prayer is that through this situation that ALL will see how great our God is. That people will see that He is faithful, that He is good and that our God heals. Joel & I were talking about what an opportunity we have to see God move in miraculous ways day in & day out in our life. And what an opportunity we have to live out a testimony of  how great our God is. We now have a chance for His words to become real to us in ways that they never have before-our truth-our life line.

"Name above all names-worthy of all praise. My heart will sing how great is our God."


Sarah & Joel