Help for Healing

It all started in a hospital room. We were there for a week long stay during Joel's first round of chemo. In hospital's time stands still and the outside world ceases to exist-even though you know it does you feel very disconnected to it. It was during that week that the outside world was helping to move mountains on Joel and my behalf. A small group of dear friend's decided to put together a golf tournament for us in order to help with our medical expenses, another worked hard to put together a bake sale. Here we were in a rather depressing state-yet the generosity of strangers was touching us in ways that they will never be able to understand. It was in that moment that we decided this tragedy in our lives was going to be bigger than us and we were going to make sure that this illness was not in vain. People were raising money for us and we realized that once Joel was well we wanted to do this for others. The vision and the idea came to us quickly because it was bigger than even us. As Joel was hooked up to a chemo drip we bounced ideas around. What would we call it? Help for Healing. We went online and bought the domain name that very instant. We spent many hours since then filing paperwork with the IRS to get our non-profit status (which came through last week!) and putting together all of the odds and ends. It was a lot of work-it was worth every bit of it. What is Help for Healing? In a nutshell it is a non-profit that will raise money for cancer patients. People who are diagnosed will be able to go to our website and fill out a form to request funds. We will verify their illness with their doctor and from there we will send them a check to help with their medical expenses. But we are also more than that. A portion of the proceeds raised will go to hospitals that are on the cutting edge of cancer research and that are seeking to find a cure. They need every bit of funding they can get. The last part of what we seek to do is give tips and education to patients on what they can expect in their cancer journey. We went into our situation completely blind but along the way picked up a lot of education on how to move through the system. We hope that we will be able to give them information that will help them navigate as well.

Our talented friend Anthony created a logo for us. We are proud to show it to you now:







It was really important to me that the color green be the main color because green is the ribbon color for kidney cancer and that is what Joel was diagnosed with.

Our website is still pretty bare bones now-but we will be adding to it more and more. Feel free to check it out for yourself:

Finally, we have some shirts left over from our party that are available for purchase.









These were also designed by our friend Anthony. He is a t-shirt designer who has been kind enough to add our shirt to his website. 100% of the proceeds will go to Help for Healing. If you are interested in purchasing one go to the site below and click on TShirts:

We are hoping to eventually have a complete product store on our website with many different things available for purchase with all proceeds benefiting our foundation.

This is just the beginning and we are so excited to see what is in store. From ashes beauty will rise.

Thanks for your support.


Joel and Sarah

PS-First BIG event will be our golf tournament this Spring. Keep checking in for ways that you be a part!