Heaven is leaning over the rails wondering who we will become.Bob Goff

I think a lot about Heaven these days. I think it would be odd not to. My best friend's there. My child is there. I wonder what it is like for them where they are. Since losing Joel I have started to read book after book about Heaven. Anything I can get my hands on really. One of the greatest blessings about what I've experienced is it has made me become a studier of all things Heaven. I love to think about where I'm headed, where I will spend much more time than I ever did on this earth. In doing so it has dramatically changed how I view the earth. They are intertwined, the two. To start to live with eternity in mind will change how you view the temporal things . And that will radically change your life. When I get to Heaven I hope two things to happen.

#1 I want Jesus to tells he's proud of my life. And He's proud of the race I've run.

#2 I want Joel to tell me he's proud of my life. And he's proud of how I've raised his son.

Thinking of that moment is at the forefront of my mind. Every single day. It weighs on every decision I make. Every single day. It fills me with hope in the midst of my grief and it reminds me of the weight of day to day decisions I make. Not in a heavy way. But in the best possible way. It teaches me to have grace for people. To seek out people to bless. To seek out people to love on. To react with the fruit of who He is. To care about what He cares about. To have a heart for the things that move God's heart. It doesn't mean I'm perfect at it. But it does mean I reach for it always. That has been one of the most unexpected blessings in this journey. I promise you, your life will change in the best possible ways, if eternal thinking is at the forefront of your mind. And you start to live in the light of that fact. Every single day.


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