Happy Birthday

Today is my husbands birthday. He would have been 36. Last year on his birthday it was another bittersweet occasion. The sweet was we finally had the biggest dream come true-a gorgeous 6 week old baby boy. The bitter was that 5 1/2 weeks earlier we had been told the cancer was back. By the time we got to his 35th birthday he was already 2 chemo rounds in. If there is one solace that I have it's that for THIS birthday there is no more chemo, no more doctors, no more threats of cancer and no more sickness. Joel is healed. I weep because I miss him and so badly wish that he was here to spend this day with his family but I celebrate because where he is there is no more pain. We remember you, Joel, on this birthday and we will remember you on every birthday-until we see you again.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Joel, happy birthday to you.