I learn from my son daily. From seeing the world through innocent eyes to trusting God the way my son trusts me. The lesson I learn from him the most? Be happy! Whenever he is excited he runs around the house and exclaims "happy!" When he has a full belly, he's the most happy. In that case we get an onslaught of giggles along with the screams of "happy!" He can have a really bad moment, but he doesn't stay there for long. I can scold him one minute and the next he's shouting out his happiness. This may seem like a little thing but it's not to me. Some days grief can be so overwhelming I wonder "when will I ever feel joy again?" Then I see my little boy, running around the room in circles shouting his happiness to the ceiling. This is infectious and lights up our home. He reminds me to find joy in even the smallest of things. So thankful for this little bundle of energy and how he teaches me every day to keep pressing forward and I will get to "happy!" once again.