Growing Up

This blog is my baby.I remember the very first post I wrote on May 21, 2010. I sobbed the entire time I wrote. In fact my husband came in the room and was alarmed at the tears streaming down my face. He asked what I was doing. My simple reply? "Writing." From that moment forward just the word "writing" meant so many things to me. It meant I was sharing health updates on my husband or baby updates on my child. By the grace of God it also many times meant I was sharing something of value and encouragement to those of you who so faithfully read what I have to say. It's because of YOU that I started this blog and it's because of YOU that I continue this blog. That being said, it's time for my baby to grow up a bit. What does that mean? Well it means some excited things are in the works. I'm working with a team of people to help take this humble blog and turn it into a website. If you "follow" this blog and receive the blog via email, nothing will change for you. It will continue to appear in your Inbox just as it always has. For those of you who want more: more resources, more interaction, we are working hard to bring it to you. I love interacting with the readers and we have some things up our sleeves to allow me to do more of just that. One of the newest components we are excited about is a Bi-Monthly Podcast we are putting together. This will be a new and fun way this blog goes interactive. On the Podcast I will expound a bit more on my thought process when I write particular blogs. As I write I can express a lot, but it remains within the constraints of a writing format. On a Podcast it is more free flowing and allows me the flexibility to go into more depth and detail. The most exciting part of the Podcast is I get to answer your questions! It can be something deep like wanting to know the hardest parts of grief, to something light like what is my favorite recipe or favorite city to visit. Literally, if you have a question, I want to answer it. I want to hear from you. This Podcast experiment will only work if some of you readers choose to get interactive with me. How do I ask a question? Thank you for asking! To ask a question all you have to do is leave a comment on the bottom of my blog posts with your question. You can leave your name or stay anonymous, whatever you are most comfortable with. Starting now you can ask questions every day, week or every month, up to you. All I want you to do is just ask! Two times a month I will gather up the questions and answer you over on the Podcast. I will then post the Podcast on this blog once it's ready. I hope you all will enjoy these new components to the site. We will also be adding other resources to make it more enjoyable, that I will tell you about soon. Again, if you like receiving the blogs just as you have, that will continue unchanged. This is just designed to offer more content to those who want more. Thanks, as always, for reading. It is because of you I continue to write faithfully. If no one would read all of the thoughts would stay floating around in my head, which is no fun at all. So thank you for following, thank you for sharing and thank you for all of the questions you will be sending my way soon!