Gold Monarch Healing Center

If you know a widow, or are one yourself, I want to talk directly to you for a moment.  I recently blogged about an experience I had where the Lord healed my heart. Not just a little but all the way. 

A few months ago God started to stir my heart towards a weekend away at a retreat center, to unplug, be loved on and heal. Here is my testimony from my time there:

The first time the Lord spoke softly that He wanted me to go to Gold Monarch Healing Center, I scoffed. Who me? I am fine. Sure, life had been extremely hard after the death of my husband. My new role as a single Mom was challenging. But I had not buckled under the pressure. I was moving forward, leading my little family the best way I knew how. I was trying my hardest to be a portrait of strength. Yet, I couldn't shake what I knew the Lord was telling me. He said go. So I went.

My first day at Gold I walked by a painting with beautiful flowers on it. That is when God spoke to my heart and said "Sarah, I brought you here because I want you to bloom again." He knew how many hopes and dreams for my future had died when my husband did. He also knew I felt I might never again walk in true joy because of it. He brought me to Gold so He could slowly begin to put the broken pieces of my heart back together. He showed me that my life was not over, He still had plans for me, and a mended heart was step one of those plans. He didn't just want me to survive what I was enduring; He wanted me to thrive in the midst of it.

It is hard to put into words what an incredible transformation my heart underwent at the healing center. I can just say the Lord wrapped me in the sweetest of embraces. I left my time there hopeful for my future, even daring to dream again at what that looked like for me. I realized He hadn't brought me to Gold for any other reason than to make me whole again. My time there was about surrender and what the Lord did with those broken pieces was beyond anything I have ever known before. My life was forever changed by my time at Gold Monarch Healing Center, and I know without a doubt yours will be too.

Gold Monarch Healing Center was founded by the incredible author/speaker Christa Black-Gifford and her licensed-therapist parents, David and Amy Black. Christa recently experienced a horrific loss in the death of her daughter Luca Gold, and she's walked the road of healing from the heart-break it brought. Their mission at Gold is this: they long to teach people how to live from a place of heart-wholeness, a place of intimacy and a place of abundant life. Simply put, they desire to see broken hearts made whole. You can read more thoughts from Christa's heart for Gold here

My time at the center was life-changing in every way, that is why I'm so passionate about this place and their mission. 

I'm also SO excited to announce I get to go back to Gold Monarch Healing Center. This time it's to help impart what the Lord has done in my life, to other widows. 

I'm so honored to get to be a part of a 4 day weekend healing intensive Gold is hosting specifically for widows. At this retreat you will be ministered to soul, body, and spirit. You will walk through counseling sessions that are filled with so much love and hopefulness. Your body will experience healing through massage, saunas, and other tension releasing techniques. You will have a session with a nutritionist who tells you how to heal your body with the things you put into it and you will eat the most incredible (and healthy!) food you've ever had. It will be an amazing time away to connect with other women walking the same road you are, that in itself will be healing. A time to unplug and reconnect to the Father's heart for you. It will be life changing. 

The dates for this retreat are July 10th-13th and the center is in Abilene, Texas. Myself and Amy Black will be there all weekend meeting, serving, and loving on each of you. To keep the retreat small and intimate there will only be 5 spots available. Please pray about if you are to join us and then head over to Gold Monarch Healing Center to sign up now. I would love to see you there!