Going home

Today is a big day. We get to leave the hospital!!! We are both SOOO excited. We haven't been outside & seen the sunshine since Sunday. That moment of stepping outside will be such an incredible one for us both. It's about the small things these days. Now for the next 6 weeks Joel will just be working on recovery at home. He will be on pain medicine & blood thinner shots etc. We still have a long road of recovery ahead of us. There's so many chapters to this story we are living out. A chapter or 2 has closed but we are still at the start of many chapters to come. It won't always be easy & we know that. But we are just so thankful for where we are at this very moment.

We will get the pathology results back in 1 week. What we are hoping is that it shows that it was renal cell cancer. The reason for that is that type of cancer can just be removed, like it was in surgery, & shouldn't come back. There is a chance it could be something else with more serious results. To be honest though-God has just been so faithful to us. We are not going to fear the results of what is to come because we know that Joel is healed. And we are just resting in that & focusing on recovering & moving forward. As soon as we do know the results we will let you guys know.

Below I have posted a couple of pictures from our room. It is the US map that shows a star in all 50 states representing all of you & your prayers for us. The other picture is of all the scriptures that you all have been praying over us as well. I cannot tell you how many times I looked at this map & these scriptures & it was the one thing that carried us through that day. It was also neat to hear the nurses ask us about it & we were able to share with them a bit of our story & what we are believing for with Joel. Sharing our story brings purpose to the madness that has surrounded us. And I thank you for letting us share our story with you. Through it all I have realized that I really do enjoy blogging & sharing our evolving story. And as long as you guys are interested in continuing to read it-then I will continue blogging.

Check back tomorrow or Sunday. I plan on writing a large blog on the day of the surgery & all of what that day entailed.

Excited to be going home!!!!!!


Sarah & Joel