From Joel

Well, I will start off by saying I am not the writer of the family, but I just wanted to let everyone know how I was feeling. I am now 5 rounds into chemo and feeling pretty good. This last round was switched up a little due to a shortage of one of the specific chemo medicines that I take. The new one that they gave me made me a lot more nauseous than the other rounds & I am still recovering.  

It's weird because even though I feel sick my appetite, for anyone who knows me well, has not changed. I almost ate a large pizza last night all by myself. I am tired a lot of the time & take lots of naps during the day. I am always home & try to stay entertained by watching TV, Netflix and playing video games. Still, even with all of those things I have to admit I get pretty bored.


Cancer really sucks. Some days you can't even leave the house & everything is always about cancer. It dictates everything about our life right now & I don't like that. I also feel like everything about my life is on pause. I am not moving forward. And I have a hard time getting use to that. I know the biggest thing in my life is about fighting the disease & I am. But it's not always easy. But I also get to spend more time with Sarah & our family. I also try to be an encouragement to other cancer patients around me. Again it's really been hard but I have been trying to see the good & stay in good spirits.


I just wanted to thank everyone who supports us with prayers, phone calls, comments on the blog. They have meant alot to me that everyone cares so much. It really has.