A Friend for Life

As I get older I realize that many times relationships come in seasons. You will have your friends in childhood, your friends during your youth, friends in college and so on and so forth from each life stage to the next. Some times if you are really fortunate you have a friendship that stands the test of time. Those relationships are so rare and are a treasure to value and hold dear. It is amazing when you have someone who has known you as a child and has watched you grow and change but yet you still have enough love for one another that through each and every season your friendship endures. I have a handful of friends I have stayed close with since my youth days but I have one friend that I have had since I was a child. Her name is Megan. She is absolutely amazing. If you don't know her you are missing out. She is smart, she is kind, she is gracious, she is Godly-quite simply there is no one like her. And it's not just her that is amazing, her entire family is. Her Dad Dewey was my basketball coach from 6th-8th grade and was the most amazing teacher I have ever known. Her Mom Katherine was basically the one who was the assistant coach-always there in every way running the show. I played basketball with Megan's sisters and played tricks on her little brother. Their home was always open and I spent many weekends of my life over there. Her family became my second family. As I grew older Megan let me crash on her couch for a few weeks when I moved to NYC and she was in school at Princeton. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and one of the first ones to want to meet my son after his birth. She has lived in several different countries during our friendship and myself in many different cities and states-but still our friendship has stood the test of time. That is something that can't be replicated and I hold so very dear.This weekend we had a going away party for her. She is moving back to Washington DC because yet again her hard work has earned her another amazing life opportunity. She is too modest to ever say that but I'll say it for her. She will never know how much I love and admire her and at the same time how proud I am of her. And how I will be always be so thankful for my friend of 19 years who will truly be my friend for life. Love you Megan. Here are some pics from her party.