This weekend was a really fun one. We had 2 different occasions to celebrate. First up was celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary. I remember very clearly where we were last year at this time. Here's a reminder:


After that year anniversaries started to take on a new meaning for me. It really is just a celebration of the blessing of another year together. It doesn't have to be perfectly done up and outdoing one year from the next. For us it is just about being together. So that's what we did-and it was perfect. Here is a quick picture of us before dinner out:












The next celebration was the 4th of July, of course. Joel was feeling up to it so he was the master of the grill. Everything he made was sooooo yummy. What-might you ask-does a vegetarian eat at a BBQ? Well, just drool over this:











Joel really is gifted at cooking. I wish I had that gene-ha ha. My family all came over and celebrated with us. Here is a picture with my sister Annie:












After we ate we went out to watch the fireworks:












I have watched the fireworks show many times in my life but there was something really wonderful about this year. As we celebrated the freedom that we have in this country I couldn't help but feel so much of a newfound freedom in our lives. A freedom of not always having places to be. Freedom from drugs and hospitals. Freedom from cancer. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. It makes every moment-from anniversaries to every day- feel so sweet. It will never be taken for granted. Let freedom ring!