Four Month Photos

Ellis is on the watch me grow package with the same amazing photographer who did her brothers watch me grow photos. This particular package photographs them four times a year to track their first year of growth through photos. Babies change so much in a year and I love having it all documented.  Miss Ellis was not into having her photo taken this time, so I had to unexpectedly jump into some of the pictures with her. While I hadn't planned on doing so, we ended up capturing an amazing moment. In one of the last photos of the day she reached over and grabbed my finger which has my new ring I had made of her Daddy's signature. It was a candid yet special moment that signifies just what a strong part her Daddy will always play in our story. It also shows that sometimes many of life's most special moments are the ones we never planned to have. 

Hope you enjoy the photos and the progress of our special baby girl. Thank you so much for your continuous prayers over her life.




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